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Thirdlogic.com is the forwarding home for a group of interrelated domain names. Be advised that any web domain from which you were DNS forwarded to Thirdlogic.com is owned by a privately held company hereafter termed the "Domain Owner," that also owns Thirdlogic.com.

The domains are reserved by the Domain Owner as part of a concept-driven private commercial enterprise.

In order to affirm the private intellectual property rights the Domain Owner has over Thirdlogic.com and the other domains forwarding to it, please be advised that:

A. The Third Logic name relates to an anthropological thesis with broad sociocultural implications.

B. The private enterprise involving The Third Logic stems from the intellectual property and work product of the Domain Owner and the domains held as part of this project are held for those purposes and not for the purpose of accumulating unassociated domains as defined, for example, in the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act.

C. The lack of reference on this page to other domains in the ThirdLogic group is intentional.

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